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A CRM Dedicated to Solar

The Solar Solvers CRM (customer relationship manager) has been specifically designed with solar sales in mind! Create customized follow-ups to ensure that no deals ever fall through the cracks, or identify where your sales team needs the most assistance!

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Get organized with all of your contacts in one location

No more Google Drive spreadsheets with customer contact info all over the place. No more sticky notes getting lost with a lead that is really interested in going solar. With the Solar Solvers CRM, all of your contacts and deals live in one place that is simple to navigate and organize so your communication is paramount.

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Instantly know where you are with your sales and tasks from a customized dashboard

Create custom dashboards to discern at a glance where you are in the sales process, how many clients in the last month need a new roof, an MPU, etc. Easily differentiate between your sales leads, your closed deals, and your lost leads so you can provide proper follow-up.

Easily transfer all of your leads from your current CRM Provider!

Worried about migrating everything over from your current CRM provider? Worry no more! Our team can easily import your existing CRM database into the Solar Solvers CRM with a few simple clicks! You can pick up right from where you left off!







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Integration with Solo!

Instantly be able to have the leads and proposals created in SOLO transferred into your CRM account! No more double data entry!


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